Saturday, February 17, 2007

Secret Society of Goldfish

I just love it when someone misunderstands what you said...

"What's he eating?"
"Rainbow Goldfish"
"A member of Goldfish?"

We are tired...very very tired...

(In my best Inigo impression, which let's face it is horrible) Let me, there's too much, let me sum up...

Jacob will be 2 next week (on the 22nd) and we have a new little bundle of joy; meet Kathleen "Katie" Nicole Cazella.

She was born 12/27/06 at 1:01 pm. 7 lbs 2 oz little snuggler.

There is a lot going on right now with illnesses and stuff so I may have to cut this short. Really, ever since we got out of the hospital it's been one thing after another. I finally was healing up real well from the c-section and got mastitis. Because I had to take antibiotics, I ended up with thrush. Then I got an infection under the skin on my incision...more antibiotics...more thrush. All the while Jacob is battling one virus after another. It started with a cold that quickly turned into vomitting and diarrhea (ah the glories of motherhood) and then back to a cold (he also gave this wonderful bug to Daddy). He had diarrhea for 3 weeks! He stopped eating almost everything and was only consuming a yogurt in the morning and would refuse to eat the rest of the day. Now he's got another cold which he was generous enough to share with the rest of us including his baby sister.
Katie has reflux. Two weeks after we got home, she started showing symptoms; arching her back, spitting up a lot, crying in pain, and most recently poor weight gain. We have been into the doctor's office every other day for the past 2 weeks. She's on Prevacid, but she stopped gaining weight. Thankfully she gained 4 oz in 2 days as of Friday, but she hasn't pooped in 2 days either. The doctor is having me pump and add cereal to the breast milk to feed to Katie. So either the cereal or the medicine, or both, could be causing her lack of bowel movements.
While we were at the hospital one of our cats, Sneakers escaped. He hid under the deck for 3 days until I got home and coaxed him back into the house. Unfortunately we think he may have contracted something while he was out. He got very sick, couldn't walk, eat, or drink. After all the tests, they still didn't know what was wrong and we didn't have a choice but to have him put to sleep. Sneakers passed on Tuesday. We will miss him...
So, I am tired of the house being sick. It seems like if it isn't one thing it's another. Do you know what happened to me last night? I stood up to give Katie her binky and to go pee when I realized that the front of me was all wet. I looked down to find bright red blood on my pants. I went to the bathroom thinking I had started my period, but it was actually a small hole just above my incision (where I had the infection) that was leaking blood. It didn't want to stop! All I can think is "what the heck is going on?" Thankfully it stopped, but I can't take much more of this. When will my house be well? With everything going on, I feel like I could cry but I won't because I need to be strong and keep it together. The kids would not understand it if mommy fell apart. But really it's getting rediculous, don't you think?
Sorry to complain, but I just need to vent. Believe me, I want more than anything when someone asks me how things are going to say "Absolutely wonderful!" and mean it (not just be sarcastic).
On the bright side, I have started another mom's group at my church. I decided that it is very important to get out and do things. I need to keep Jacob social and active, especially now that he has a little sister taking up much of mommy's time. I feel so bad for him.
He is growing up so fast! He has been deciding lately that maybe it's good to talk and has started repeating things when we ask him to. There are certain things he still refuses to say, like cat or kitty, and still insists on saying "baHhhh". I will have to record this so that you can hear it. He is adorable, for the most part. Most of the struggles are about communication and jealousy. He will get over it.
Okay, I'd better get going for now. I will keep this blog updated at least once a week from now on.
Take care my friends!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mr. Personality

Hi there friends/family/strangers! I know, I know...I'm a bad bad posts in a month. Really, things have been pretty crazy with little man walking and Thanksgiving and all. Forgive me?
So here's what's been going on...(I will try to remember everything in order):
By 11-12-05, Jacob's right top tooth finally popped through. He's been miserable for so long with this teething thing! He's been living on Motrin and Tylenol for what seems like an eternity. We also started painting on that day. We had to put a nice dark gray primer over some of the paint (really I had nothing to do with the southwestern motif) so that it wouldn't come through the white oyster paint. The wallpaper in the kitchen came down and the fun began. I love painting. (Yes Carrie, we did it again. Great minds?) The painting continued throughout the week. We had to get ready for Thanksgiving right?
On the 18th, his left top tooth started to make it's appearance. Oh goody! He's finally out of the woods (with those two anyway). On the 20th, Jacob had his first spaghetti episode.

Boy does he love him some sghetti! He was a mess from head to toe. I have gotten used to the fact that everything I feed him will end up all over him, the floor, and enevitably me. The cats usually try to help clean up, and then Phil finishes the job. I love having help!

On the 22nd, Jacob turned 9 months old! To celebrate this milestone, he decided to sleep through the night on the night before. Yes, you heard me right...he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! He was out from 11:15 until 7:15. A full 8 hours! And what did mommy do? I got up at 3:30 am to check on him and then tossed and turned the rest of the night. Now, he doesn't sleep through the night now or on a regular basis. As it is, we are trying to get him to go to sleep in his crib without having him have to fall asleep in our arms first. He always wakes up as we are trying to put him down. I am also working on making him sleep in his crib for naps. Not an easy task! But he did sleep in his crib today for almost 2 hours, so that is something.

Also on the 22nd, I got a call from my best friend Jenn. It was time! She was going to have her baby and was off to the hospital with contractions 3 minutes apart. I grabbed Jacob and was out the door. I should have planned a little bit better because I forgot so many things for Jacob that would have made it easier on both Phil and me. At 2:32 am on the 23rd (his due date) Noah Lynn Hudspeth was born. He weighed 10 lbs 3 oz and was 22.5 inches long.

Yes folks, she gave birth to a 2 month old. I can't even imagine, and don't really have to since I was there by her side the whole time. It was a beautiful miracle! I am so glad that I get to have c-sections instead (Phew!).

Thanksgiving day was fun. Nanna Niki and Grampa Scott

Grandpapa and Gramma Re and the gang

and Aunt Jesse

all joined us for a fabulous meal. You can see by Jacob's tray that he wasn't so interested in all the colorful food so much as all the strange people.

It sure was nice to have family around. We don't get to see them for Christmas because we will be visiting Phil's side of the family in Florida. None of them can wait to see Jacob!

Jacob had his 9 month well-baby-visit on the 30th. He was 17 lbs 2.5 oz and 27.5 inches long. He is 4th percentile for weight and 18th for height. The good doctor said that Jacob is doing just fine and was impressed by his walking. Too bad Jacob is going through stranger anxiety right now. He could have showed the doctor his beautiful smile and sense of humor. He's a wacky boy!

This morning while I was writing an email, Jacob climbed up into his toy box and started terrorizing everything in it. I wasn't sure if I should rescue him or the toys. Speaking of toys...Yesterday Phil and I attended an infant CPR class and saw that Jacob was really interested in a truck that another baby had. He liked playing with it so much that we have decided it is time to start getting him some (so daddy can start teaching him all the neat car noises). The toys he has don't all fit into the little toy box as it is. We are going to have to figure something out.

I need to go now. Jacob is waving bye-bye to me...oh my goodness! He just waved bye-bye!!! He's been shaking his head "no" a lot lately too. I don't know where he got that one from. He has also learned the sign for "all done". This kid is growing up way too fast.

Okay...I will update you soon. And I do mean soon!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Who said you could do that?

8 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days...that's how old our son is today...
Time moves way too fast, and he is growing up to fast, and I am so blessed to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) so that I can spend every day with him and I don't miss out on all the little things.
And the big things...

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I am so very proud of my son. At the same time, I am terrified! I thought it was scary when he started crawling. Pretty soon, the safety gates won't keep him in (mostly because he's been trying to scale them for the past month), and every time I turn around I could be faced with Jacob on the counter top or on top of the fridge. It's funny how he doesn't get into the cupboards yet, but he climbs the stairs. I've never seen a more motivated child. But with motivation comes boredom. It is difficult at times to keep him occupied for more than 2 minutes. Right now, he's trying to eat my arm because I moved my legs so he couldn't climb up to start pulling keys off my laptop. Oh if that was the least of my worries! Does anyone know where we can get round-bottomed shoes (might make it more challenging to walk...weebles wobble).

Monday, October 31, 2005


Last night we hit a couple milestones...and it's only a sign of things to come.
While I was busy looking up something on my laptop, Phil was entertaining Jacob. They weren't but 3 feet away from me and I missed it! Jacob took 2 steps towards his daddy. That's 2 steps in walking!!! Now, we won't claim that he walks yet, but it's only a matter of time, and a short time at that. What happened to my baby that was immobile? He's growing up way too fast...
Milestone number two is probably just a fluke, but there is a first time for everything. So last night, after fighting Jacob for an hour, we finally got him to sleep at 9. He slept until 3:30 am! He only got up that once all night. He didn't get up again until 7. Granted, last night was preceded by 3 nights of waking up every 1/2 hour. But still...this is pretty big. Now if only I could figure this one thing out. Why is it that I wake up 15 minutes before he does no matter what time it is or how long it's been since I fed him last? Last night I woke up at 3:15. Why? I don't know, but I was wide awake. I think I could blame it on PMS (Psychic Milk Syndrome). Hey...if I could name a phenomenon, that would be it.
Well, we are about to take Jacob out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. We want all our friends to see Darth Jacob in person. Honestly, he is too cute!

What was I doing?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

8 months and the Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen!

Can you believe Jacob is 8 months old already? He had a lot of pictures taken at Sears and they were all so cute it was almost impossible to choose. Here is the one I picked:

Picking this picture was no easy task. I mean, look at this one:

Yes, those are daddy's boots and hat. He just keeps growing so fast!

Oh, and here is the cutest thing you've ever me...

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What am I gonna do with him? Dress him up and go trick or treating of course!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pumpkin patch precious

We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday. It was cold and windy, and Jacob wasn't very happy about it. But we did finally get the most precious picture!

We're trying to figure out what he's thinking. Is he thinking, "Hey, do I look cool or what?"
What do you think he's thinking? Care to caption???

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Baby needs a new pair of shoes

I have been on a search for shoes. I want to get Jacob a pair of leather shoes (like Robeez or Preschoolians) but I am such a cheapskate. I can't see spending up to $30 on a pair of shoes for a baby who will grow out of them in 3-6 months. I just want plain dark brown soft shoes. This way, they will match with everything and I won't feel like I need another pair to match other things. Although, I must say that of all the cute shoes I've seen, I really like these:

This is a Robeez shoe:

This is a Preschoolians:

This is also a Preschoolians: (of all the designs I've seen, these are absolutely adorable!)

What do you think? Have you seen any shoes like these? Have you seen others that are cute? Am I just being too cheap?

Here's the other problem: Jacob has small feet, but they are growing fast. Sizing him is kind of weird. According to Preschoolians, he would be a size 18, as his foot measures 4 inches (according to their accufit). That would be a size 3 (I think) in regular shoes. And they are only good for 3 months. In Robeez, I think he would still be in 0-6 month size, but getting close to 6-12 month. So which size would I get? All this stuff makes my head spin.

Any suggestions?